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DEDICATED A/V TECHNICIAN*: $50 per hour, 4 hour minimum/ $75 per hour, over 8 hours

EXHIBIT TECHNICIAN LABOR: $50 per hour, 4 hour minimum/ $75 per hour, over 8 hours
Every Open House requires one exhibit technician. One exhibit technician and one A/V technician may be needed if a presentation is occurring during the Open House. The exhibit team and A/V team can work together on a case-by-case basis to see if the event needs two technicians.

Digital Console: $150
Portable Sound Cart With Speakers: $200
Playback Device (Laptop Cart, Ipad): $100
Wired Microphone: $20
Wireless Microphone: $75
4 Microphones With Antenna: $250
Ev 15” Powered Speaker: $50
Multibox: $50

In-Room LCD Projector & Screen: Included With Room Rental (Only Available In Certain Rooms)
Video Switcher: $50
Confidence Monitor: $125
75” LED 4K Monitor: $150
55” LED 4K Monitor: $125
COSI Laptop For Presentation: $150
Second Laptop For Presentation: $100
Camera (Image And Streaming): $300

$1,000 Package With One Camera (Image And Streaming)
Additional Labor Rates Will Apply

Hard Wire Internet Line: $300
Private Wifi: $5 Per Person

Uplighting Strip: $15 Each
Uplighting Parcans: $10 Each
Uplighting In Gallery 1 Or 2: $100 Package
COSI Stock Gobo: $50
Custom Gobo Installation: $50
Stage Lighting: Included W/Room Rental (Only Available In Certain Rooms)
Lighting Package: Included W/Room Rental (Only Available In Certain Rooms)

COSI SSA Digital Signage Guidelines
Download PDF

Podium: $35
Pipe & Drape Per 8ft Section: $25
Staging Per Section: $60
Power (Includes Cable And Strip): $35
Clicker: $15 Timer: $50