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Tutankhamun: Cultural Significance and Historical Preservation

Supporting repatriation and ethical exhibits is of the utmost importance to our mission at COSI, especially when it comes to celebrating and respecting different cultures.

The world-class immersive exhibit experience, Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures, features authentically recreated replicas of the items in King Tutankhamun’s tomb exactly as they were discovered by Howard Carter and his team in 1922. These exhibits are of the highest quality and have been faithfully hand-crafted in fine-detail by experts in Egypt, as the original artifacts are very fragile and of great cultural significance to the Egyptian people.

This exhibit is the one of the most accurate, comprehensive experiences of King Tutankhamun’s tomb available in the world, as it brings together pieces that can only be seen separately elsewhere. Even the originals are not currently on display, as Egypt finishes construction of the Grand Egyptian Museum, and the tomb in the Valley of the Kings contains only his mummy and stone sarcophagus.

We invite you visit the exhibit not only to see the wonders of ancient Egypt and experience the magic of discovery, but also to learn about the cultural significance of these artifacts, the recreation process, and how we can appreciate history while respecting different cultures around the world.