Try-It Together Workshops

Try-It Together Workshops invite early learners (ages 2-6) and their favorite adult to work through engaging STEM activities together here in COSI. Become a scientist as you explore, measure, build, program, create, test, question, and learn. Each month our workshops will present a new career and topic for you and your little learner to discover. The workshop includes small demos and hands-on activities to explore together. Join us as we try new things, test our ideas, and find out more about COSI and the world around us.

Each session is offered twice monthly (choose a weekday or Saturday, from 10:00AM – 11:00AM). Try-It Together Workshops are aligned to state standards and encourage creativity, cooperation, and critical thinking as we work together to solve problems, test ideas, ask questions, and learn more about our world!

$10/per person

You Become a Meteorologist

Rain or shine, weather is science at work! What ingredients does it take to bring a storm to life? In this hands-on workshop, you will both become meteorologist to find out. Together you’ll see how scientists measure rainfall, examine temperature with real ice spheres, use patterns to create musical sound storms, and even make real clouds right in the classroom. And – even though we can’t see wind – you’ll both see the amazing things it can do in our five-foot tall standing wind tube!

October 19, 2019   October 23, 2019

  • COSI Admission: Not Included