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"An inspiring and innovative way to energize your team"

Open channels of creativity, break down communication barriers, work together to solve a common problem – all in a fun and engaging learning experience through the Science of Team Building.

Whether you want to target communication, critical thinking, team bonding or just want to have fun, our COSI facilitator will work closely with your program coordinator to make sure your specific goals are met. By using science, our COSI team will inspire you to reflect on how you can improve yourself, and your life at work.

COSI’s Science of Team Building can be added to an event you are planning to have at COSI, or we can bring it to your location. We can serve your group, from 10-200 people!


Per Person Price

*minimum program price: $750
*inquire for non-profit discounts


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Available Workshops:

Power of Communication | 2 hours

Divided into teams, groups will be tasked with creating one-of-a-kind chain reaction machines. This program encourages communication and collaboration between team members while challenging each individual to examine their specific roles in a group. This challenge is aptly paired with an explanation of the data and science behind why communication is vital! If innovation, ingenuity, and problem-solving are essential skills in your workplace, this challenge is right up your alley!

Innovation Mindset | 2 hours

Get hands-on with the science of teamwork in COSI’s Innovation Mindset session, where your team will dive into the psychology of inspiration and creativity. We provide tips and tricks to unleash creativity and get ideas flowing. Write codes to program real hand-held robots, build circuits, and even engineer a suspended contraption in COSI’s wind tubes and – of course – experience a COSI classic: Liquid Nitrogen! During this open-exploration, hands-on workshop, teams will step through the scientific method in the form of fun, self-directed, and unforgettable experiences.