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Ever wondered how a ship as big as the Titanic could float? Or how water striders are able to walk on water? Water is all around us, and the COSI Connects Water Kit explores all sorts of water-related science activities! This kit is appropriate for kids in grades K-8 and especially recommended for grades 1-4.

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Each Kit comes with a colorful and engaging activity book for the learner complete with activity instructions, career connections, space to record their findings, activity pages, and more.
Below are additional materials that can be found in the Kit to accompany each activity. Some supplies may be used for multiple activities.

Float Your Boat
Objects of various weights, sizes, and shapes:
 Tin Foil
 Tissue paper

Nature’s Zoom Lens
 Sandwich bag
 Paper slip with small writing
 Microscope slide

Surface Tension
 Tissue paper

Chromatography Flowers
 Coffee Filters
 Pipe cleaners

School of Fish
 Craft Foam
 Cotton Swab
 Dish Soap (in a deli cup)

Each COSI Connects Water Kit is filled with engaging, hands-on STEAM activities. COSI’s education experts have created these activities to encourage inquiry-driven learning and reinforce Ohio's Learning standards.

Float Your Boat - Which objects float in water, and which objects sink? Try experimenting with different objects to see which ones will float. Kit includes activity instructions and objects of various weights, sizes, and shapes, including a paperclip, pen, tin foil, tissue paper, and a penny.

Nature’s Zoom Lens - Can you use water to magnify an image? Try it out! Kit includes activity instructions, zipping plastic bag, paper slip with tiny writing, microscope slide, and pipette.

Surface Tension - How many drops of water fit on a penny before it will spill over? 10? 25? More? Perform your own surface tension test to find out. Can you use what you learned about surface tension to make a paperclip float? Kit includes activity instructions, penny, paperclip, tissue paper, and pipette.

Chromatography Flowers - Scientists use a process called chromatography to learn about different substances present in a mixture. You can do chromatography at home with water to explore different pigments hidden inside markers! Kit includes activity instructions, coffee filters, disposable cup, dark colored markers, and pipe cleaners.

School of Fish - Learn the difference between a school and a shoal of fish. Then, make your own model shoal of fish that “swims” with the help of surface tension! Kit includes activity instructions, craft foam, scissors, cotton swab, and dish soap.

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