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With the COSI Connects Space Kit, you will become an astronaut, take a journey to the moon, and travel all the way back to Earth safely! Challenge yourself to build a rocket, design a moon base, and engineer the perfect parachute! This kit is appropriate for kids in grades K-8 and especially recommended for grades 3-7.

$39.95 + Sales Tax & Shipping

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Each Kit comes with a colorful and engaging activity book for the learner complete with activity instructions, career connections, space to record their findings, activity pages, and more.
Below are additional materials that can be found in the Kit to accompany each activity. Some supplies may be used for multiple activities.

Become an Engineer - Build a Rocket

Go to Space - Launch a Rocket
 Film canister
 Antacid tablet
 Safety glasses

Build a Moon Base

Impact Craters
 Paper Cup
 Ping pong ball
 Packet of cinnamon

Back to Earth - Build a Parachute
 Coffee Filters
 Tissue Paper
 Paper Clips
 Astronaut card

Each COSI Connects Space Kit is filled with engaging, hands-on STEM activities. COSI’s education experts have created these activities to encourage inquiry-driven learning and reinforce Ohio's Learning standards.

Become an Engineer - Build a Rocket - Did you know that there are many engineers working to build rockets that will travel into outer space? Become an engineer as you build a rocket. Is it capable of carrying a payload of supplies to the International Space Station?

Go to Space - Launch a Rocket - Did you know that a lot of astronauts used to be engineers? Today, become an astronaut and use your engineering expertise to make a new rocket to launch you into outer space!  

Build a Moon Base - Your rocket has blasted into space and landed safely on the moon. Now it is time to use some creativity and what you know about the engineering design process to build your own moon base.

Impact Craters - Astronauts go into outer space to collect scientific data, and today you will do just that! Have you ever noticed craters on photos of the moon? In this activity, you and your team of astronauts will collect scientific data on impact craters.

Back to Earth - Build a Parachute - Now that you have collected data on the moon, it is time for you and your team to get back into your space capsule and return to Earth. One very important safety feature for astronauts returning to Earth is a parachute. Use your engineering skills one last time to design the perfect parachute!

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