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This box will take you on a journey as you explore the science behind cutting-edge Hyperloop transportation!

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Each COSI Connects Hyperloop box is filled with engaging, hands-on STEM activities. COSI’s education experts have created these activities to encourage and reinforce Ohio's Learning Standards. The instructions and materials needed are listed for each activity inside the Hyperloop activity book.

Activity 1 - Become an Engineer - Learners will explore how friction works as they create their own friction board, test the friction between surfaces, and determine which surfaces have the most friction between them.

Activity 2 - Learn from other Engineers - Learners will watch a Virgin Hyperloop Engineer explain how they can control the amount of friction on the Hyperloop. Then, learners will explore magnetic forces for themselves with ring magnets.

Activity 3 - Make a Plan - Learners will explore magnetic fields extending from their ring magnets as well as Earth’s magnetic field. They will use a compass to determine which way is North and design a map.

Activity 4 - Build, Test, and Improve - Learners will design, build, test, and improve a track that will get a marble from point A to point B!

Activity 5 - Create your Model Hyperloop Set - Learners will mold a model Hyperloop pod from clay and build a Hyperloop tube for it. They will explore how to reduce the friction to make their pod slide more quickly through the tube.

View the corresponding activity videos here.

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