Youth Volunteer Experience

(age group: 12-18 years old)
COSI's Youth Volunteer Expereince is a unique opportunity for students. Volunteer help further COSI's mission by serving our guests and providing a unique STEM learning experience while developing new skills for their future.

"I never thought that I was good at communicating and putting myself out there. I never thought I could work as a team or that I even had leadership qualities in me. After volunteering at COSI and being a part of situations that applied these characteristics, I realized that I am capable of these things." -Anonymous youth volunteer

Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in learning more about youth volunteer opportunities?

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Special Events and Seasonal Opportunities

  • Support special events and programs at COSI and in the community
  • Assist COSI's participation in fairs and festivals
  • Seasonal opportunities
  • Hands-on activities
  • Learning and fun!