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Benefits of volunteering with COSI:
  1. Be a part of the COSI Team
  2. Sharpen your skills or develop new ones
  3. Build your social network
  4. Get the inside scoop on COSI’s exhibits and events
  5. Free admission to COSI
  6. Free parking for volunteer on day of service
  7. Discounts in COSI’s store and café
  8. COSI Individual+guest membership after 100 hours of volunteer service
  9. COSI lifetime membership after 1,000 hours of volunteer service
  10. Letters of recommendation may be provided
  11. We will equip you for success through training and orientation, coaching and guidance
  12. We recognize every mile-stone in your COSI volunteering journey and offer awards to volunteers that go above and beyond their duties

A special message from COSI President and CEO Dr. Frederic Bertley.