Educator Advisory Board

The COSI Educator Advisory Board (EAB) is established as a non-governing board of COSI comprised of local, regional, and state educators representing public, private, and charter schools, after-school programs, libraries, and other educational organizations and institutions. EAB members are passionately committed to advocating for the complementary role of formal and informal education and for COSI as an educational resource to engage, inspire, and transform lives and communities by welcoming all people with educational experiences that are accessible to diverse learners.

As a member of the EAB, you will support COSI’s mission to be the best partner in science, technology, and industry learning. By reaching out and engaging personal and professional networks and relationships, EAB members will help COSI maximize our impact and ensure awareness of and advocacy for COSI’s educational programs and experiences. It’s an opportunity to network with peers, hone leadership skills, and make a difference alongside other educators from diverse backgrounds and representing many educational avenues.

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Chelsie Webster
COSI Director of Education Programs
614-629-3182, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Elizabeth Andrews
Spingboro High School

Nicole Anloague
Millennium Community School

Henry Bobulski
Omnisyn Corp

Leanna Buker
Lifelong Educator

Kathering Burns
Northmoor High School

Lynn Burns
Fredericktown Elementary School

Kim Chapman
Westerville Parks and Rec.

Amelia Combs
Teays Valley High School

Elizabeth Cremeans

Laura Culbertson
Teays Valley High School

Jillian Desimone
Reynoldsburg City School District

Jemma Dougherty
Jerome UMC/Private Piano Students

Melissa Dougherty
Delaware County District Library

Vicki Dunlevy
Grandview Heights City Schools

Kabe Eichenauer
The Metro School (Metro Early College)

Tommy Ferguson
St Stephen's Community House

Yolanda Gelo
Ohio History Connection

Rachael Gorsuch
Columbus Academy/Texas Instruments/Ohio University

Michelle Gregg
Capital Law School

Nancy Gregg
Knox County-Privatized Community Employment

Tabitha Grissett
Lumin Academy/Westwood Prep Academy

Helen Hassel
Fredericktown Local Schools

Alyssa Hatton
Bridgeway Academy

Jessica Holes
Teays Valley High School

Mark Huckaby
Ohio Health

Tiffany Landfeld
Bridgeway Academy

Cara Langdon

Maureen Madden
Lumin Academy

Kyleigh McCune
Columbus City Schools Linden McKinley STEM

Megan Menker
Marburn Academy

Laura Nein
Columbus City Schools

Carol Pagnanell
Retired Teacher

Maria Patino
Columbus Preparatory Academy

Zac Patterson
The Arts & College Preparatory Academy

Flo Plagenz

Stephanie Poe Gruet
Teays Valley High School

Meghan Raehll
Franklin University

Shawn Roberts
Metro Institute of Technology

Kerri Roush
Bridgeway Academy

Lauren Sefton
Westerville South High School

Ben Shinabery
The Arts & College Prep Academy

Susan Smucker
Westerville City Schools

Alexis Snyder
East Bridge, Lappa Kappa Gamma

Curtis Stewart
Service Systems Associate

Katie Tennant
Teays Valley High School

Kimo Tichgelaar
The Ohio State University Dept. of Engineering Education

Zin-Min Tun
Denison University


For questions please contact Chelsie Webster, Director of Education Programs, at 614-629-3182 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

333 West Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43215