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Introducing COSI Connects Kits - On Sale Now!

Introducing COSI Connects Kits - On Sale Now!

In Depth: Autopsy *

Follow along with a recorded human autopsy narrated by a pathologist from The Ohio State University. Get an in depth look at human anatomy as you view the y-incision, organ block removal and dissection of individual organs. Compare normal and abnormal tissue in the histology study. Collect data, review, analyze, research and finally, declare cause of death in the Autopsy Report. Be sure to ask the pathologist any questions you have during the autopsy.

With the included kit of materials, you can extend the discussion beyond the videoconference. Activities include:

  • Brain Games (nervous system): Conduct activities exploring the different areas of the brain and the tasks associated with those regions.
  • Spectacular Stents (cardiovascular system): Conduct activity demonstrating the act of implanting a stent into a blocked artery.
  • Breathe Easy (respiratory system): Create a model lung to demonstrate the function of the diagram, with exploration of respiratory disease and their effects.
  • Investigative Medicine (digestive system): Research conditions of the bowel to better understand their functions, analyze key differences in condition, detection and treatment and apply new information to test and diagnose a patient.
  • Histology: Research, analyze and diagnose through the comparison of normal and abnormal (digital) histological samples.
  • Autopsy Report: Integrate information gathered through observations, determine cause of death and communicate and defend your hypothesis.


  • Run Time: 90 Minutes

Academic Standards

  • Biology - Grade 9-12: Science Inquiry and Application
  • Biology - Grade 9-12: Science Inquiry and Application
  • Pricing & Details

    Connecting to COSI digitallyincludes a test connection and one kit of program materials for 30 students (additional kits may be purchased for $105 each)
    Kit activities include: brain games, heart and lung anatomy and diseases, determining the cause of death

    Premium Interactive Videoconference Connections
    $295 per connection – includes the opportunity to ask questions live during the round robin question periods and your choice to connect through Zoom or with an H.323 videoconferencing codec.

    Coming to COSIPlease call the COSI call center at 614.228.2674 to make your reservation.

    $16 per person – groups of 12 or more – includes COSI admission and program materials for your entire group

    Premium Interactive Videoconferencing

    $295.00 (Includes one kit of program materials.)

    • View a recorded human autopsy.
    • Ask questions of a pathology resident during the round robin question periods.
    • Test connection prior to the program.
    • Kit of materials included for 30 students (Additional kits may be purchased for $105.00 each).

    What Does It Include?

    • Come to COSI and view the program in our Galaxy Theater.
    • View a recorded human autopsy.
    • Ask questions of a pathology resident during the round robin question periods.

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      Available for viewing in a theater at COSI

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    COSI's In Depth: Autopsy program provides high school students with a unique opportunity to explore careers in medicine.