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21st Century Learning Lab: DNA

Explore the individuality and complex body design of living things in this highly-structured 3.5-hour program focused on cross-curricular learning immersion that includes:

  • COSI general admission
  • "Funky Fruit Flies," a 45-minute workshop in COSI’s Labs in Life with Ohio State University’s Dr. Molly Downing. Can DNA determine how well we respond to a drug? Find out as we observe wildtype & mutant fruit flies exposed to alcohol
  • 45-minute "DNA: The Foundation for YOU" workshop, where your students will learn about DNA and how it relates to cellular structure and expression of characteristics.
  • "Surgical Suite: Total Knee replacement," a powerful learning experience for students and adults that lets you ask questions and interact via videoconference with surgeons and medical personnel in a real hospital operating room.

Available Dates:
2015: October 16, November 11, November 13, December 18
2016: January 15, February 19, March 11, April 15, May 20


  • Grade Levels: Grades 9-12


Price: $20 per person

Cancellation & Rescheduling

If you need to reschedule a program, please contact COSI’s Call Center for availability. A $25 rescheduling fee will apply to any program rescheduled more than one time for reasons other than severe weather.