Facility Renting

Facility Rental

Am I allowed to host an event during COSI’s business hours?

Yes! COSI has many private rooms that can be rented during COSI’s normal business hours. Any areas that are used by the general public (exhibit areas, the Atomic Café, etc) are only available for private rental before or after COSI’s operating hours.

Can I host a private event outside of COSI’s normal business hours?

Yes! Every area at COSI may be rented before COSI opens to the general public as well as after we close.

Will my guests be able to visit the exhibits during my after-hours event?

Exhibit areas are available for private rental at an additional fee.

Is food & beverage allowed in the exhibit areas during my private event?

Yes! Food & beverage is welcome in all of COSI’s permanent exhibits while the exhibit is being rented privately. The COSI Events team is always happy to suggest fun and creative ways to incorporate food & beverage into the exhibit areas.

How much will it cost to host an event at COSI?

The total cost of an event all depends on what you’re planning to include, such as event spaces, food, beverage, audio visual, and so on. A member of the COSI Events team will be happy to put together a proposal for you to help determine the cost based on your event needs.

When can I reserve a date for my event?

Events may be booked no earlier than one year in advance. You are welcome to inquire about availability prior to the one-year mark, but we will not prepare a contract until we are one year from the booking date.

Is a deposit needed to reserve the space?

Yes, COSI requires a deposit to reserve space on a preferred date.

When will I need to provide my final number of guests?

Due (10) business days prior to event.

When will my final payment be due?

Due (10) business days prior to event.

What can I expect once I book my event? Who do I contact if I have questions?

A COSI Event Sales Manager will work closely with you to ensure a successful event and will be happy to answer all questions you may have throughout the process.

What time can I begin to set up for my event?

Set up can begin two hours prior to the start of your event. Please speak with your Sales Manager if you have additional set up needs.

What restrictions are there on décor items?

Glitter, glue, paint, confetti, smoke/haze machines, and balloons (helium & otherwise) are not permitted inside the museum. Candles must be encased in glass at least as high as the flame. Only masking tape is allowed when affixing to the walls or carpet.

Will COSI provide staffing on the day of my event?

COSI provides staff based on specific event needs to efficiently service the event. This cost is included in the rental price. Please speak with a Sales Manager for any additional staffing requests.

Can I serve alcohol at my event?

Absolutely! Our in-house caterer, Sodexo, holds a liquor license that allows them to purchase & serve alcohol on COSI premises.

What about if I want to bring my own alcohol?

Unfortunately, outside alcohol is strictly prohibited. Our in-house caterer, Sodexo, must provide all alcohol consumed on COSI property.

Will COSI offer a rain plan for my outdoor event?

We will provide a backup space with all outdoor venues, may cost an additional fee and is subject to availability.

Does COSI have areas that can be used as dressing rooms and/or green rooms?

Yes! COSI has several small meeting rooms that can be transformed into dressing and/or green rooms. Please let your Sales Manager know if you’d like to arrange for food or beverage to be provided.

Can I print or copy documents onsite during my event?

COSI has limited printing and copying capabilities. Charges will apply for these services and advance notice is always appreciated.

Where should my guests park?

There are over 600 spots in the city-owned parking lot directly west of COSI, plus many more spots in the additional lots across the street. Parking is $5 per car (cash or credit only.) Parking meters are also available on the streets to the west and south of the building.

Can I pay for my guests’ parking?

Yes! Any / all parking charges can easily be added to the final bill.

Am I allowed to bring in entertainment?

In most cases, yes! Please check with a Sales Manager for recommendations and restrictions.

Does COSI offer Audio Visual services?

Absolutely! COSI offers a variety of sound, lighting & presentation equipment and services. Please see a Sales Manager for an Audio Visual price list.

Can I bring in my own Audio Visual company?

Outside A/V companies are welcome at COSI, but please note that any event using a non-COSI A/V company will require the presence of a COSI A/V Technician for the duration of the event (hourly charges apply.)

Does COSI offer teambuilding activities?

COSI is the perfect place to host a teambuilding event! From scavenger hunts to Extreme Screen films to private workshops, we have demonstrations & activities to match all objectives and themes. Please see a Sales Manager for a list of all of the available options.

Can I add a science demonstration in my event space?

COSI's team of science educators would love to bring the wonders of science to your event! Please see a Sales Manager for a list of the activities that we can offer.


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