3, 2, 1... Build it Fun!

On November 11th, at Oakmont Elementary, Ms. Pollyann Giffin’s preschool classroom took part in COSI’s 3,2,1…Build It program. This program was provided to the elementary school on behalf of PNC through PNC’s Grow Up Great Grant.

Children were very ecstatic to act as construction workers and take on building and measuring challenges.

Below, children have just put on their construction vests and are choosing tools to use for measuring.


In this next photograph, a child is beginning to touch and feel the measuring tape. She is trying to decide what to measure.


Here, two children are further exploring tools. The child on the left is trying to figure out if you can see through the pipe. The child to the right is contemplating his measurements and deciding what to record.


 A child is at a sorting center. He is sorting domino blocks into dump trucks.


This child is counting each dot on the domino, one-by-one to figure out what number the domino represents.


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Erica Gilbert is the Manager of Early Childhood Outreach. Erica has been a team member at COSI since 2010. She travels out to early childhood centers in the community to facilitate hands-on programs for young children. Erica holds a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys traveling, painting, and being outside!

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