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John Glenn - National Hero, Long Time COSI Friend

Today the world focuses again on the accomplishment of John Glenn and NASA in celebrating the fact that exactly 50 years ago, the world stopped while Glenn orbited the world three times as the first United States astronaut to do so. I vividly remember sitting in my classroom as we were riveted with the journey and holding our breath collectively with the danger of re-entry with a suspected problem with the heat shield.
John Glenn - National Hero, Long Time COSI Friend

Space Beckons and Excites Again?

Can the United States space program reignite excitement in the exploration of our broader universe beyond the surface of our earth? And if so, can it be significant without manned flight in stimulating people’s natural curiosity about our place in the world and universe?

Steve Jobs Death Is Our Loss Not Just For Today, But Importantly For Tomorrow

Jeremy, our COSI web master, feels that Thursday should have been a national day of mourning with the passing of Steve Jobs---I agree. But maybe for a different reason.

As I’ve noted in my blog before, I “grew up” professionally with Apple Computer, serving in various consultant capacities for and with Apple Computer. I have a great affinity for the company and the genius of the two Steve’s who founded it—Wozniak and Jobs. So even though it was clear that this day would be coming sooner than we wanted, having Steve Jobs pass away is something I’m feeling very personally.

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