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Annual Perseid Meteor Shower

August 9-11 is the annual Perseid Meteor Shower, but unfortunately Sunday's full Moon will make it hard to see the meteors. Check out the sky earlier in the week to catch a few of these "shooting stars."

Columbus Teacher Raises Over $1,000 Online for COSI Field Trip

Amy Koogler's students love science.

The Highland Elementary School teacher wasn't about to let financial challenges stop her from bringing her 300 students to COSI on a field trip this spring. Amy used a website called to raise more than $1,000 from eleven donors, including Disney, to make her school's field trip possible.

COSI Recipes: Greek Salad in a Jar

Guests that have seen the COSI team garden, which is viewable from the Level 2 hallway on the way to the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, know that the COSI team likes to eat our vegetables. As we move into the time of year when vegetables become more plentiful in the stores, farmers markets, and our own gardens, the question arises “what to do with all this produce?”. There are many good reasons to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and the USDA recommends filling half of your plate with them. Here at COSI, in addition to liking to eat our greens, we also like using items for new and interesting purposes. One way to use some of the screw-top jars you may have laying around the house and some of that surplus produce at the same time is to make jar salads.
Photo of greek salad in a jar.

30th Anniversary of Rat Basketball

This year marks COSI’s 50th anniversary of creating a space that nourishes innovation and inspiration for every generation. It is a great accomplishment and one worthy of a grand celebration. However, COSI is not only celebrating 50 years of being awesome; it is also the 30th anniversary of rat basketball!
Photo of Rat Basketball at COSI.

COSI After Dark's Steampunk Carnival is June 5

Witness the technology, artistry, and fun of Steampunk for June's After Dark: Steampunk Carnival. Dovetailing perfectly with the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, the Steampunk genre offers an alternate view of reality featuring the fashion of the Victorian era and modern technology infused with steam powered technology.
Photo from a past COSI After Dark.
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