Exploring Building and Construction

Today at East Linden Elementary school, Ms. Peck's preschool classroom explored building and construction during COSI's 3,2,1...Build It program. PNC Grow up Great partnership is a Presenting Sponsor of this program.
Exploring Building and Construction

COSI Management Geeking Out

I am a proclaimed Geek. No apologies.

With one of my degrees in Physics I watch Big Bang Theory faithfully and say "those are my peeps!"

Can't say the same for some of the talented members who make up the diversity of our Vice Presidents helping support COSI's team. They love and are dedicated to COSI, but I don't think any of them ever got excited and built their own stereo or mess around at home with Robot kits.
Gadgets Cafe Demonstration

Step into a Farmer’s Shoes

Farm Days: Little Seeds, Big Tractors kicked off with a bang on its first day! Our front entrance was completely taken over by the excitement of visitors as they got the chance to explore the insides of massive farming equipment and learn about the process of raising crops and livestock. Among some of our various activities included milking a fiberglass cow, making your own seed necklace and observing a trapped swarm of bees. Though there were many activities to choose from, it seemed as if no one could resist watching the hatching of baby chicks.
Photo of Farm Days at COSI.

The Universe in a Glass of Ice Water

Ah, summertime! Warm weather, sunny days, and glasses of ice water on the table – er, I mean, the coaster, Mom. Really! Those crystalline cubes clinking against the glass, cooling all they touch and slowly, slowly disappearing into the background.

Incredibly, the science of ice water has a lot in common with the science of stars, including our own warmth-providing star the Sun. Let's look a little more deeply....
A photo of ice in water.

Update: A Bang for the Flash!

They did it. A large collaboration of scientists, watching the spot in the constellation Leo where a humongous gamma ray burst occurred in late April, have seen the giant supernova explosion they were expecting after such a monumental event. Not only that, but the explosion was so large and powerful that it created the universe's oddest inhabitant – a black hole!
Update: A Bang for the Flash!
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