Plastic Beach

Growing up, I was fortunate to have direct access to the Lake Erie shoreline. My relatives shared a house in Geneva on the Lake that my great-grandparents had purchased in the 1960s. The beach was a short walk from the back door, and I grew up with what was essentially a private environmental land lab. I could explore geology, astronomy, meteorology, zoology, engineering, and other sciences for days or weeks at a time. Of course, I didn’t know a lot of those words at first. It was mostly play, exploration, and asking questions.

When I was younger, much of the trash on the shoreline seemed like treasure trove. Broken glass turned into polished fragments. My cousins and I used sand dyed purple-black by iron-ore from freighters in imaginary potions. Aluminum cans and rusty iron could be scrapped for video arcade quarters.  A sand-scarred vintage Boba Fett figure was an especially great find. The beach was the perfect place for a Sarlacc pit.

Summer is the right time to learn about frogs!

On Tuesday, June 24th, COSI staff visited the Primrose School at Polaris in Westerville to present a frog workshop for toddlers. The children experienced the natural habitat of frogs and pretended to be frogs themselves in COSI’s make-believe lily pond. 
Photo from Toddler Frog Outreach Program.

Keep the Learning Going All Summer Long!

School’s out for summer but we’re still engaging in learning here in our Preschool Workshops at COSI.  Participating in inquiry learning, preschoolers and their accompanying adult at our, Simple Machines: Gears, Levers, & Pulleys workshop, investigated how simple machines make work easier. Through hands-on activities designed to provide exposure and further cultivate curiosity through exploration, children practiced skills for school readiness through play.     
Photo from Early Childhood Education workshop.

30th Anniversary of Rat Basketball

This year marks COSI’s 50th anniversary of creating a space that nourishes innovation and inspiration for every generation. It is a great accomplishment and one worthy of a grand celebration. However, COSI is not only celebrating 50 years of being awesome; it is also the 30th anniversary of rat basketball!
Photo of Rat Basketball at COSI.

COSI After Dark's Steampunk Carnival is June 5

Witness the technology, artistry, and fun of Steampunk for June's After Dark: Steampunk Carnival. Dovetailing perfectly with the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, the Steampunk genre offers an alternate view of reality featuring the fashion of the Victorian era and modern technology infused with steam powered technology.
Photo from a past COSI After Dark.
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