3D Printer at COSI

Today we got COSI's first MakerBot Replicator 2 3D Printer! COSI's Electronic Engineer, Mike Schoenborn, and I were the lucky ones who got to start it up - much easier than I expected. We've already printed our first test object, "Mr. Jaws."
Photo of COSI's 3D printer COSI MakerBot.

When your child is injured....

Warm sunny weather provides the perfect opportunity for parents to power down electronic screens and chase their kids out of the house and into the great outdoors.

Makes sense, right?

After all, increased screen time leads to decreased physical activity and increased snacking, essential ingredients for obesity. But let's face it... the great outdoors has problems of its own: injuries!

Head contusions, bee stings, lacerations, broken bones and sprained ankles. You don't get these from a couple hours on the PlayStation. Let your kids run around outside, and you have a different story.

Still, the benefit of outdoor activity outweighs the risk. And there are things you can do to prevent injuries, such as cycling with helmets, skating with knee pads and wrist guards, taking swimming lessons, and good old-fashioned adult supervision.

But sometimes our best effort still leads to an accident. At these times, parents ask themselves an important question: Where do we turn for help?

Little Changes = Big Results For The Earth

According to GreenWaste, the average person generates 4.5 pounds of trash per day – that's 1.5 tons per year per person. The really baffling part of that number to me is that approximately 45% of our waste generated per year could have been recycled! I know personally that the initial thought of adding extra work to my everyday life seemed daunting, but the fact is, taking an extra minute to change my original course of action makes a huge impact for us all.

I'm lucky enough to work in a place where Green Mission is ingrained in our everyday actions so carrying over good habits hasn't been all that challenging thanks to the lessons I've learned at Whole Foods Market after I decided a good starting point for myself. Below are a few of the tricks I've adopted at home and links to resources that helped me to change my behavior.

World Water Day at Whole Foods

A partnership between a science museum and a grocery store might not seem a likely pairing, but Whole Foods Market and COSI made for a great combination last Thursday. Whole Foods Market's Dublin location, a groundswell supporter of COSI's new WATER exhibition, welcomed COSI Team Members with our Science Spot traveling science kiosks for a special in-store appearance, and amazingly, donated 5% of the day's sales proceeds to COSI. That came to an amazing total of $4,937.90 that will be contributed to our mission.
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