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Kicking off Maker Programs at COSI

After weeks of preparation, we finally kicked of Maker Corps here at COSI! From 2-4 Friday through Sunday Maker Corps is taking over the Gadgets Cafe at COSI until the end of August. Maker Corps is a nationwide initiative to get kids to get creative and build things from arts and crafts projects, to DIY type projects....

The Universe in a Glass of Ice Water

Ah, summertime! Warm weather, sunny days, and glasses of ice water on the table – er, I mean, the coaster, Mom. Really! Those crystalline cubes clinking against the glass, cooling all they touch and slowly, slowly disappearing into the background.

Incredibly, the science of ice water has a lot in common with the science of stars, including our own warmth-providing star the Sun. Let's look a little more deeply....
A photo of ice in water.

Refreshing little kidspace®

The Early Childhood Education team at COSI continues to move forward in developing plans to renovate and update little kidspace®, our 11,000+ square foot permanent exhibition dedicated to young children and their families. We are excited to announce the next phase of renovation will be implemented this September during our annual shutdown period!

The Official Bug of the COSI Team Garden

Have you ever looked out the second floor windows near Galleries 2 & 3 and wondered what was going on with all the plants on the rooftop below? If so, you were looking at COSI's Team Garden. For the past three years COSI Team Members have been able to sign up for a plot and create their very own rooftop container garden. Now that the weather has warmed up, the Team Garden is starting to take shape. It is awesome to be able to take a break from a busy day and get my hands dirty tending my vegetable plants.

This week an exciting event occurred in the Team Garden. A praying mantis egg case hatched, releasing scores of tiny mantids to patrol the plants in search for food.
Photo of mantids in the COSI Team Garden.

3D Printer at COSI

Today we got COSI's first MakerBot Replicator 2 3D Printer! COSI's Electronic Engineer, Mike Schoenborn, and I were the lucky ones who got to start it up - much easier than I expected. We've already printed our first test object, "Mr. Jaws."
Photo of COSI's 3D printer COSI MakerBot.
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