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Are there any restrictions to ASTC Travel Passport Program?

Yes. The ASTC Travel Passport Program only entitles visitors to free general admission at participating science centers/museums. It does not include free admission to special exhibits, larger-screen theater presentations nor does it include discounts in museum stores, on parking or other benefits.*

To receive Travel Passport Program benefits, you must live more than 90-miles away from the center/museum you wish to visit. The admission staff has the right to request proof of residence to apply the benefits. 90-miles is measured "as the crow flies", not by driving distance.

Additionally, Science Centers/Museums located within 90 -miles of each other are excluded from the Travel Passport Program unless exclusion is lifted by a mutual agreement. 90-miles is measured "as the crow flies" rather than by driving distance.

*This includes all of COSI's classic exhibits and live shows. This does not include any upcharge traveling exhibitions. These and other additional experiences are available for purchase upon checking in.

  • December 11, 2022