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COSI's Digital Farm Days

COSI's Digital Farm Days!

Digital Farm Days 2020 may be over, but you can still enjoy all 7 events from our partners throughout Ohio. Stay tuned for information on Farm Days 2021.

Virtual Field Trip to an Ohio Cow-Calf Farm
Elementary students from the state of Ohio and beyond joined farmer Craig Corry for a virtual field trip to his beef farm near Xenia, Ohio, courtesy of the Ohio Beef Council.

ExploreAg - Exploring Agricultural Careers
Join us along with ExploreAg as we learn about the various career options in agriculture! Through interactive activities, we will discover various opportunities in science, engineering and technology in the food, fuel, and fiber industry.

Lunch on the Farm!
Grab your lunch and join us on the farm. Farmer Mark will introduce you to the H&S Dairy, home of Starwischer Jerseys. Meet some of his favorite friends, learn how they are cared for, and what they have for their lunch.

Exploring Garden Tools
Agricultural tools were developed during the stone age in the Paleolithic time period. In this session with OSU Franklin County 4-H, you will learn fun facts about garden tools, learn how to use them, engage in interactive activities, and design your own tool.

Hanging with the Hens of Outward Farms
Did you know that Ohio ranks No. 2 in the nation for egg farming? Each year, Ohio’s egg farms produce more than 10 BILLION eggs! Take a tour through Outward Farms with Sandra Lausecker and her brother, Daniel, to learn all that it takes to produce safe, high-quality eggs for families like yours. Presented by the Ohio Poultry Association.

All About Aphids
Chances are if you’ve spent any time on a farm or in a garden you’ve come across your fair share of aphids. But, did you know that these pesky insects have a very interesting life cycle? Join Entomologist Dr. Andy Michel from The Ohio State University to learn about aphid biology, the impact of aphids on crops, and how farmers and gardeners can manage an aphid infestation.

From Weeds to Wheels
What does a dandelion from Kazakhstan have in common with a bush from the southwest United States and a tree from the Amazon rainforest? All three plants produce latex that can be manufactured into rubber products! Join Dr. Katrina Cornish and other researchers from The Ohio State University to learn more about why rubber is so important, and what they are doing to develop new rubber crops that can be farmed in the United States.