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10am - 5pm
Today's Hours: 
10am - 5pm
Today's Hours: 
10am - 5pm
Today's Hours: 
10am - 5pm
Today's Hours: 
10am - 5pm
Today's Hours: 
10am - 5pm
Today's Hours: 
10am - 5pm

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Professional Development Opportunities for Educators

Summer Professional Development
Improve your understanding of science content while exploring favorite ways to engage young children in science learning.
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Annual Educator Resource Fairs
Meet local organizations that support teachers. Geared toward all grade levels.
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Customizable Professional Development Workshops

COSI’s customizable professional development workshops provide your school’s teachers with real life teaching tools, and:

  • Showcase and model inquiry-based science
  • Assist teachers in being comfortable with teaching inquiry
  • Nurture a professional learning community
  • Provide professional networking opportunities

Each customizable COSI Professional Development Workshop includes:

  • Inquiry-based experiments
  • Exposure and discussion of current science education pedagogy
  • Coordination of activities to current Ohio Content Standards
  • Integration of multiple content areas
  • Opportunities to network with colleagues to create educational opportunities for students


  • Half-Day Workshop for 30 teachers: $750 (3 hours)
  • Full-Day Workshop for 30 teachers: $1,500 (7 hours)
  • Two-Full Day Workshops for 30 teachers: $3,000 (15 hours)

Financial Aid is Available. Please call Robin Deems, Manager of Education Services, 614.228.2674 X. 2357 for details.

Workshop Topic Options:

  • Chemical and Physical Change in Cooking
  • Introduction into Inquiry
  • Earth and Space Science and Ohio Revised Standards 4-8
  • Introduction into Process Skills of Inquiry
  • Integrating Science, Literature, and Mathematics
  • Inquiry and Applications for Early Elementary
  • Inquiry into Astronomy
  • Inquiry into Climate Change
  • Inquiry into Electricity
  • Inquiry into Energy
  • Inquiry into Force and Motion
  • Inquiry into Water
  • Inquiry into Weather
  • Life Science and Ohio Revised Standards 4-8
  • Physical Science and Ohio Revised Standards 4-8

Co-Teaching With COSI

Inquiry-Based Science Teaching in Your Classroom with Your Students

Use your 21st Century Learning grant funds to bring structured, sound, professional development to your teachers. The Ohio Revised and the Next Generation standards promote inquiry-based science, but do your teachers know what that means? Many teachers who graduated from college 10+ years ago may have never witnessed a true inquiry-based science experience. How can they be expected to use this teaching method if they are unsure of how to implement it?

Co-Teaching is a personal, professional development experience for teachers that benefits both teachers and students. Co-Teaching pairs a teacher with a COSI Master Educator, who comes into his/her classroom to facilitate inquiry-based science lessons with his/her students. The experiences will be designed to lead students to explore their own questions about the science topic. Using inquiry starter lessons based on Ohio’s Academic Content Standards for Science, your students will develop questions to explore that will help them better understand the standard.

Honoring the teacher’s teaching-style, the COSI Master Educator will meet with the teacher to better understand their objectives for the lesson prior to the Co-Teaching experience. The COSI Master Educator will share several lesson options so both can mutually agree upon the lessons. The Master Educator will send several pre-visit lessons in advance of the co-teaching experience, including the lesson for the co-teaching experience, so the teacher can best prepare his/her students.

On the day, or days, of the co-teaching experience, the Master Educator will arrive prepared to facilitate the lesson, bringing all the necessary supplies. Working with the teacher, the Master Educator will lead the experience with the students, providing a standards-based inquiry experience focused on the selected topic. A non-traditional assessment and rubric will be provided if desired.

Following the lesson, the Master Educator will leave the teacher with additional lessons to continue the learning. In addition, the Master Educator will provide the teacher with a checklist to enable them to include elements of scientific inquiry in all science lessons.

Available Co-Teaching Topics:

  • Force and Motion: Airplanes (Five Lessons, Open Inquiry Method)
  • Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift (Five Lessons, Guided inquiry Method)
  • Light and Shadow (Five Lessons, Open Inquiry Method)
  • Electricity (Five Lessons, Guided Inquiry Method)
  • Chemical & Physical Change (Five Lessons, Guided Inquiry Method)
  • Weather (Five Lessons, Open Inquiry Method)
  • Life Science: Biomes, Symbiosis, & Adaptations (Five Lessons, Open Inquiry Method)
  • Erosion (Five Lessons, Open Inquiry Method)

$1,500 per 5 lesson unit/per classroom. For more information about Co-Teaching With COSI, please contact Robin Deems at 614.228.2674 x2357 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Financial Aid is Available. Please call Robin Deems, Manager of Education Services, 614.228.2674 X. 2357 for details.

Early Childhood Professional Development

“Step Up to Quality” Approved Professional Development for Early Childhood is available from COSI. Available topics include:

  • An Introduction to Inquiry in the Early Childhood Classroom
  • Integrating Science Process Skills in the Early Childhood Classroom

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. COSI’s Call Center or call 614.228.2674 for pricing and details.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

Full payment is due one month prior to your workshop date unless a previously agreed upon payment time line has been established. Cancellations made less than one month prior to your workshop are non-refundable.

Up to two weeks prior to your workshop date, workshops may be rescheduled for a different Professional Development session, if available. You must contact COSI at least two weeks prior to your workshop date to be eligible to reschedule. Changes made less than two weeks prior to your workshop date will not be refunded.

Overpayments will be refunded in the manner in which they were received.

COSI reserves the right to cancel a program due to low registration. All attempts will be made to contact all parties and the program will be removed from the COSI website.

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