Elementary School Outreach

Beginner Robotics

NEW CHALLENGES! What is a robot? How does it work? COSI’s Beginner Robotics is the way to find out! In this incredible introductory workshop, we’ll explore energy, circuitry, and the “language” robots speak: programming. Then, you’ll take control of your own hand-held Bee-Bot and test out COSI’s customized, cross-curricular challenges: write a fairy tale and bring it to life through programming, navigate the Valley of the Unknown, pilot your Bee-Bot between flowers to pollinate them, escape from the Black Forest, practice your spelling words on the Alphabet Mat, and so much more!

  • Grade Level: Grades 1-6

Gross Science: Bodyworks

In this totally engrossing workshop, we’ll get up close with the surprising science of the human body. We’ll start small – REALLY small – by examining the mighty power of microorganisms and building a bloodstream right in your classroom. Then, you’ll get hands-on with real X-rays of healthy and broken bones, measure yourself against record-holding humans, get an “up-close” look with microscopy, and even make your own sticky, slimy “snot” to see how this gross product has a very important job to do!!

  • Grade Level: Grades 1-6


NEW! What do art and science have in common? Unleash your class’s kinetic energy and creativity to find out! Bringing the spirit of COSI’s Gadgets exhibition to you, we’ll see how engineers and innovators think like artists to create new ideas – and improve old ones! Then, you’ll jump into hands-on stations to explore potential and kinetic energy, create art using chemistry, tackle engineering challenges, and program real robots using color as coding!

  • Grade Level: Grades 1-6

Superhero Science

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nah, it’s super-science! Backed by a team of comic book heroes, you’ll use science to bring “impossible” super powers to life! Explore “levitation” by manipulating air pressure, explore potential and kinetic energy, use the states of matter to create flight, and learn the ingredients of a cloud by making real clouds right in the classroom! Pass Hero Training and you’ll get a chance to touch COSI’s famous Electrostatic Generator to see (and feel!) the shocking power of electricity at work! You can keep the city safe with science on your side!

  • Grade Level: Grades 1-8

Coaster Creators

Hold on tight! This open inquiry, engineering design workshop is filled with ups and downs as you explore the engineering process, communication, and collaboration. First, put the force of gravity (and teamwork) to the test in a wild marble challenge. Then, scream ahead as you build your own roller coaster around chairs, through desks, and across chalkboards. With limitless flexible track, supports, and marbles, if you can dream it, you can design it, build it, test it, and redesign it until your coaster is ready to thrill.
  • Grade Level: Grades 3-8

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