Exploring Ecology

Exploring Ecology

Explore the outdoors as our Outreach Educator brings the science of prairies, forests, rivers, and wetlands to your school. Investigate animal adaptations, life cycles, and learn how parts of an ecosystem are connected.

Program Partner: Program Partner: Ohio Environmental Education Fund


$990 per day of programming, plus mileage fee of $35 per every 50 miles, or part thereof, beyond Ohio's borders. There is no mileage fee for Ohio schools.

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Academic Standards

Earth and Space Science - Grade 1: Sun, Energy and Weather
Life Science - Grade K: Physical and Behavioral Traits of Living Things
Life Science - Grade 1: Basic Needs of Living Things
Life Science - Grade 2: Interactions within Habitats
Life Science - Grade 3: Behavior, Growth and Changes
Life Science - Grade 4: Earth’s Living History
Life Science - Grade 5: Interactions within Ecosystems


  • Grade Level: Grades K-6
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