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Gadget Works

Force & Motion

Join Professor Gadgeteer to learn about forces and motion by taking apart wind-up toys. Trace the energy flow through the toys and help solve a puzzle involving the motion of a toy car as a post-visit activity.

Simple Machines

Help Professor Gadgeteer identify simple machines inside wind-up toys. Hypothesize what’s inside the toys before your program, then take them apart with the COSI educator during the show.


  • Run Time: 60 Minutes

Academic Standards

  • Physical Science - 
Grade 2: Changes in Motion
  • Physical Science - 
Grade 3: Matter and Forms of Energy
  • Physical Science - 
Grade 4: Electricity Heat and Matter
  • Physical Science - 
Grade 5: Light, Sound, and Motion
  • Physical Science - 
Grade 6: Matter and Motion
  • Pricing & Details

    $225 per connection (this includes one kit of program materials).
    Kits include materials for 30 students (additional kits may be purchased for $65 each - details below).

    Included Kit

    All materials for pre- and post-visit activities are included in the kit.

    Each program includes hands-on materials for 30 students that will be used during the 60 minute show, and materials for many additional hours of in class activities.

    If you have multiple classes and would like to schedule a multi-point program, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Each kit contains:

    • Teacher’s guide with activities
    • 8 screwdrivers & 8 parts trays
    • 8 chattering teeth toys
    • 8 happy crab toys

    Additional materials for Force & Motion topic include:

    • 16 toy cars
    • 40 rubber bands
    • 8 balloons
    • 16 magnets

    To reserve a program, please visit your reservation dashboard or click the link below:

    Reserve a Wireless Workshop