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Chemistry Intern


Under the guidance of the Manager of Technology & Innovation Operations, develop a structure for the management of stored and frequently used chemicals that emphasizes organization, safety, and compliance.

Duties & Responsibilities

A. Develop a system for use, storage, and disposal of chemicals used at COSI, based on chemical safety standards.

B. Create and maintain a written inventory for all stored and/or frequently used chemicals.

C. Work with the Manager of Technology and Innovation Operations, and other COSI Team Leaders to train COSI team on chemical use, storage, maintenance, safety, compliance, and ordering procedures.

D. Perform other duties as assigned by the Manager of Technology and Innovation Operations, Manager of T&I Programs, and/or Director of T&I Strategic Initiatives.


High School diploma or equivalent; college-level chemistry course of study; and in satisfactory disciplinary standing are the minimum qualifications for this position.

Ideal candidate possesses strong organizational and record keeping skills; 1 year (minimum) college chemistry background, experience with managing and organizing chemical storage, ability to work within a team. Aspiring education professional preferred.


  • Reports to: Manger of Technology and Innovation Operations
  • Pay: Unpaid Internship
  • Posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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