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COSI To Open New Exhibition Exploring Energy

Energy Explorers Opens July 20, 2013

Photo of entrance to Energy Explorers.

Columbus, OH – COSI is proud to announce the opening of a new signature exhibition, Energy Explorers, on July 20, 2013. This marks the biggest new exhibition project since opening in the new building thirteen years ago. Energy Explorers is a hands-on, interactive exhibition focusing on how energy powers the world around us – from the transportation we take, to the products we buy, to the ways we live and work.

"When we were charting our course for new experiences with many public forums, the topic of energy came out on top as one of the topics our guests and the community would like to explore more," said David E. Chesebrough, Ed.D., president and CEO of COSI. "They felt COSI was a natural place to learn about energy and engage in experiences that help them understand how the choices we make impact our world."

"Our lives could be very different if it were not for the role energy plays every day," said Dale Heydlauff, president of the American Electric Power Foundation. "Through COSI's Energy Explorers exhibition, the AEP Foundation is proud to help new and existing audiences experience novel ways to learn more about how we use energy and can use it more efficiently."

Energy Explorers exhibition experiences focus on how energy powers the world around us—from the transportation we take, to the products we buy, to the ways we live and work. The exhibition enables guests to explore where energy comes from, how energy powers the world, and why energy choices are significant.

Energy Explorers is a 4,000 square foot exhibition and includes 27 hands-on exhibits on energy including:

Energy ExplorersThe Game: Choose your "Energy Explorer," and make choices throughout the exhibit that challenge you to become an energy hero.

Errand Race: Can you bike to the grocery store faster than someone driving? Can you walk or run faster than a person on a bike?

Block That Draft!: Find and seal cold air leaks with a thermal imaging camera and a caulking gun.

Don't Run Out of Gas: Try to make it to the gas station behind the wheel of this driving game.

Plan It Green: Plan and build your own virtual energy-efficient community of tomorrow.

Energy Vampires: Find the energy vampires in your house and eliminate them.

May the Best Bulb Win: Use a hand crank to power incandescent, CFL, and LED light bulbs.

Smart Landscaping: Can you better insulate your home simply by using well-placed trees and shrubs?

Switch It: There's a blackout in the neighborhood. Can you redistribute power and get the lights turned back on?

It's Electrifying: Shock yourself and your friends with an electric current.

Energy Pledge: Display your energy commitment alongside pledges from other visitors on the big screen to join the Energy Challenge.

COSI's Energy Explorers is designed for guests ages eight and up, but it includes interactive experiences that will please energy consumers of every age. The exhibition is free with COSI general admission or Membership.

Energy Explorers was made possible through generous support from numerous grantors and sponsors, with major support provided by American Electric Power Foundation, Murray Energy Corporation, the Ohio Development Services Agency's Office of Energy, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The project also was supported by a local impact grant from Center of Science, a national collaborative to advance science and technology, funded in part by National Geographic and GE.

Author; Jaclyn Reynolds

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