For Families


COSI offers in-depth and hands-on exploration of science topics led by trained Team Members. Save on many workshops with your COSI Membership!

Workshop Categories

Early Childhood Family Workshops

For Families With Children Ages 0-6

COSI's family workshop experience is designed for families with children ages 0-6. These workshops specifically allow children of mixed ages to engage together in hands-on activities exploring the world around them.

Infant Workshops

For children ages 6-17 months.

COSI’s Infant Workshops are designed for infants and their favorite adult to explore their environment through hands-on sensory activities that help develop social, cognitive, and motor skills and allow for creative expression. COSI’s Infant Workshops meet once for one hour inside little kidspaceTM on COSI’s Level 2 and include a brief excursion to another part of COSI.

Toddler Workshops

For children ages 18-36 months.

Investigate the world around you and your toddler through a field trip into COSI, hands-on activities, take-home materials, and lots of time creating and exploring together. Toddler Workshops meet twice for one hour each time. Choose our early morning (9:15 am – 10:15 am) or mid-morning (10:45 am – 11:45 am) workshop for either pair of dates below.

Preschool Workshops

For children ages 3-5 years.

These workshops are specially designed for children not yet in kindergarten and their favorite adult to explore the world around them. Preschool Workshops each meet four times for two hours and include a snack, hands-on activities, and take-home materials.

Homeschool Workshops

Parents, learn with your children using materials that you might not have at home (LEGO® Mindstorm Robots, COSI’s Adventure and Labs In Life exhibits and more) to better understand real and relevant science concepts. Participants socialize with other young scientists while exploring science careers, too!

Homeschool Workshops for Elementary & Middle Grades, Homeschool Workshops for High School Grades