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Videoconference Etiquette

To help ensure that all participants receive a quality experience and interaction with industry experts, below is a list of recommendations and etiquette standards. Please review these before the day of your program with your students.


Student Etiquette

  • Respect the equipment used during the videoconference program to ensure a quality and safe interaction.
  • Remember that others may be able to see you during the videoconference program, so please be aware of your behavior during the videoconference.
  • Speak loudly and clearly (directly) into the microphone. If someone is unable to be heard, have another student or teacher ask the question.
  • Understand how sensitive the microphones are. Paper shuffling, whispers, etc. may be disruptive to those participating in the videoconference.

Teacher Recommendations

  • Before making a reservation, make sure to check all school, class and personal calendars for any conflicts.
  • When making the reservation, make sure all the information is correct (especially your connection and contact information).
  • Read over the teacher's guide before connecting for the program. This will ensure that you have completed any necessary pre-visit activities.
  • Make sure to read ALL emails that are sent from COSI. Make notes of connection days and times for test connection and program.
  • For the program, connect as close as possible to the connection time stated in the emails. This will help prevent any technical problems.
  • The teacher or technical coordinator should practice muting and unmuting the microphones until they become proficient. In some cases, if it takes too long to get the microphones off mute, the opportunity to ask a question may be lost.
  • During our multi-point programs, we ask that you or an adult chaperon screen the questions to make certain they are appropriate and worded clearly.
  • The videoconferences COSI creates and provides to connecting schools are the intellectual property of COSI. Therefore, they cannot be recorded in any way or distributed, nor can any content from kits or information packets be duplicated or distributed without the written consent of COSI. The only exceptions to this rule are the copying of student pages from teacher's guides for the use of the single class that purchased the kit of materials or information packet. Any known violation of this policy will be considered theft of intellectual property and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • For multi-point programs, COSI will call on your school to ask a question, following the same order of schools each time. Please do not ask questions out of turn and please do not bring up technical issues over the system. If you experience technical issues, call 614-205-1955.


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