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21st Century Learning Labs

Invest your school’s 21st Century dollars in these new highly-structured programs from COSI that provide hands-on, inquiry-based science experiences on selected dates.

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21st Century Learning Lab: Germs

Unpack a box of 21st century skills in this structured 3.5-hour COSI program focused on cross-curricular learning immersion that includes...

  • Grade Levels: Grades 3-8
  • Number of Students: 30

21st Century Learning Lab: DNA

Explore the individuality and complex body design of living things in this highly-structured 3.5-hour program focused on cross-curricular learning immersion that includes:

  • COSI general admission
  • "Funky Fruit Flies," a 45-minute workshop in COSI’s Labs in Life with Ohio State University’s Dr. Molly Downing. Can DNA determine how well we respond to a drug? Find out as we observe wildtype & mutant fruit flies exposed to alcohol
  • 45-minute "DNA: The Foundation for YOU" workshop, where your students will learn about DNA and how it relates to cellular structure and expression of characteristics.
  • "Surgical Suite: Total Knee replacement," a powerful learning experience for students and adults that lets you ask questions and interact via videoconference with surgeons and medical personnel in a real hospital operating room.

Available Dates:
2014: October 17, November 14, December 19
2015: January 23, February 13, March 6, April 17, May 22

  • Grade Levels: Grades 9-12

21st Century Learning Lab: Brain Chatter

Explore the interactions of the brain with the bodily functions it controls in this highly-structured 3.5-hour program focused on cross-curricular learning immersion that includes:

  • COSI general admission
  • "Brain Chatter" 45-minute workshop: can a drug alter how our neurons talk to each other? Explore this question using live crickets and real electrophysiology equipment
  • "Sheep Brain Dissection" - Explore animal anatomy and discover the body functions that our brains control in this 45-minute sheep brain dissection
  • ""In Depth: Autopsy Live" - An Ohio State University pathology resident will join your students live as they observe a 90-minute recorded human autopsy from beginning to end. Your students must use information gathered during the program and post-visit activities to determine the cause of death.

Available Dates:
2014: October 10, 24, November 21, December 5, 12

  • Grade Levels: Grades 9-12

3, 2, 1...Build It!

3,2,1…Build It! allows students to build with a COSI educator as they explore shapes and numbers to construct a variety of structures. Preschool Outreach is a 45 minute session that consists of a group demonstration and activity centers, with each session accommodating 20 or fewer students. The session times are scheduled by the person at your school who coordinates the Preschool Outreach events.

  • Grade Level: Preschool

"Pandas" Movie

Join us for Sensory Friendly Movies at COSI! During these movies, we turn up the lights, lower the volume, and experience one of COSI’s movies on our digital state-of-the art National Geographic Giant Screen in a more sensory-friendly environment. Pandas are a lovable, iconic, and — unfortunately — highly endangered species. In "Pandas: The Journey Home," meet the dedicated team working tirelessly to save these captivating creatures from extinction. Movie running time is approximately 40 minutes.

  • Date & Time: Sunday, September 21, 2014 (12:15pm-1:15pm)
  • For Ages: Suitable for All Ages
  • Non-Members: $6.00/ticket
  • Members: $5.50/ticket