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Ages 6-11

Party packages for children ages 6 through 11.

Afterschool Workshops

COSI offers 45-to-60-minute K-12 Afterschool Workshops designed just for afterschool providers that meet the Ohio New Learning Standards and the needs of each school and K-12 student. Each workshop accommodates up to 30 students.

Ages 3-5

Party packages for children ages 3 through 5.

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Astounding Astronomy

Astounding Astronomy

We'll leave our home planet on a journey to the Sun and the other planets of our amazing Solar System. We'll explore the incredible variety of planetary environments and discover Earth is the only planet that can support life – or is it?

  • Grade Level: Grades K-6
  • Standards: Earth & Space Science | Physical Science

Astronaut Adventure

Enter the solar system and search the universe examining past discoveries, today’s technology, and the infinite possibilities of the future.
  • Age Level: Ages 6-11

Animal Tales

Animal Tales allows students to take an adventure with a COSI ‘Explorer’ as they are introduced to a variety of animals found right here in Ohio. Preschool Outreach is a 45 minute session that consists of a group demonstration and activity centers, with each session accommodating 20 or fewer students. The session times are scheduled by the person at your school who coordinates the Preschool Outreach events.

  • Grade Level: Preschool

Air Cannon

Participants press against a rubber membrane that covers a large drum. As the pressure builds within the drum, air shoots out the hole in the bottom and blasts passers by with a puff of air.

ASTC & ACM Members

ASTC & ACM Members

Free exhibits admission with a current ASTC membership card; 50% off exhibits admission with a current ACM membership card. Maximum of 2 adults and 4 children admitted free to COSI for reciprocal ASTC members; 50% ACM discount is valid for up to six people. Science centers within 90 miles of one another are excluded from the program unless lifted by mutual agreement. Please call ahead to verify that you are eligible for the reciprocal admission benefit.

Allergy Attack!

Students interact with a human patient simulator during an allergy attack. Concepts: human anatomy and physiology, health careers, personal health.

  • Grade Levels: Grades 3-6
  • Number of Students: 12 - 18 per session

Advanced Robotics

Hone your robotics programming skills and solve challenges using the LEGO NXT MINDSTORM robotics system.

  • Program Date(s): February 4 or 5, 2015 (1-3pm)
  • Member Cost: $27 for parent/child. Additional child $13.50
  • Non-Member Cost: $44 for parent/child. Additional child $22.00
  • COSI Admission: Included

Alternative Energy

Utilizing the Green Energy Kit from LEGO Robotics, explore different sources of energy production and examine the impact energy sources truly have on our everyday lives.

  • Program Date(s): November 20, 2014 (1-3pm)
  • Member Cost: $15 per student.
  • Non-Member Cost: $25 per student.
  • COSI Admission: Included

Advanced Robotics

Hone your robotics programming skills and solve challenges using the LEGO NXT Mindstorm robotics system.

  • Program Date(s): January 15, 2015 (1-3pm)
  • Member Cost: $15 per student.
  • Non-Member Cost: $25 per student.
  • COSI Admission: Included

Advanced Robotics

Using a LEGO® WeDo robot, discover how to program and complete a series of challenges. Try to complete all of the challenges before time runs out!
  • Grade Level: Grades 9-12

Autism Activities Day

Explore COSI before we open to the general public in a sensory-friendly environment. Meet with Autism Specialist from Nationwide Children’s Hospital and pick up resources from other community organizations. To maintain the best possible environment for those participating, exclusive after hour admission to COSI is open to the first 250 pre-registered guests only.

Those with other special needs and disabilities are also always welcome to these events.

Advanced reservations required.

  • Date & Time: Sunday, November 2, 2014 (9am-Noon)
  • For Ages: Suitable for All Ages
  • Non-Members: $9/person
  • Members: Free with COSI Membership

Astronaut Adventures

Explore the moon and stars, astronauts, and more.

  • Program Date(s):
  • Wednesday, October 29 or Saturday, November 2, 2014