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Animal Tales

Animal Tales allows students to take an adventure with a COSI ‘Explorer’ as they are introduced to a variety of animals found right here in Ohio. Preschool Outreach is a 45 minute session that consists of a group demonstration and activity centers, with each session accommodating 20 or fewer students. The session times are scheduled by the person at your school who coordinates the Preschool Outreach events.

During the group demonstration the following science concepts and more will be explored:

  • Animal species
  • Basic needs of all living things
  • How animals meet their needs of shelter and food

The activity centers will be presented following the group demonstration. During this time the students will move freely between four activity centers. At the activity centers the students will have the opportunity to explore the various concepts presented during the group demonstration, as well as explore the relationship humans have with other animals.


$120 for first session; $75 for each additional session (of same topic, held same day).

Academic Standards

Science Inquiry and Application, Life Science, Earth and Space Science


  • Grade Level: Preschool
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