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Investigating Energy

With the help of Dr. Kilowatt, learn about creating energy with both renewable and non-renewable resources. Plus test the power of wind, learn about energy conservation, and explore how sound waves can locate underground energy sources.


$990 per day of programming, plus mileage fee of $35 per every 50 miles, or part thereof, beyond Ohio's borders. There is no mileage fee for Ohio schools.

Academic Standards

Physical Science - Grade K: Properties of Everyday Objects and Materials
Earth and Space Science - Grade 3: Earth’s Resources
Physical Science - Grade 1: Motion and Materials
Physical Science - Grade 2: Changes in Motion
Physical Science - Grade 3: Matter and
Forms of Energy
Physical Science - Grade 4: Electricity, Heat and Matter
Physical Science - Grade 5: Light, Sound and Motion
Physical Science - Grade 6: Matter and Motion


  • Grade Level: Grades K-6
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