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Current Conditions

Current Conditions

Bring the amazing world of weather into your school with COSI's Current Conditions program. With the help of COSI's "meteorologist-in-training," you'll explore how weather affects life on Earth everyday and learn about technology used by today's top forecasters. Students will test their forecasting skills, explore meteorological instruments, and discover why it's important to monitor extreme weather events.


$990 per day of programming, plus mileage fee of $35 per every 50 miles, or part thereof, beyond Ohio's borders. There is no mileage fee for Ohio schools.

Academic Standards

Earth and Space Science - Grade K Topic: Daily and Seasonal Changes
Earth and Space Science - Grade 1 Topic: Sun, Energy and Weather
Earth and Space Science - Grade 2 Topic: The Atmospheres Physical Science
Earth and Space Science - Grade 3 Topic: Matter and Forms of Energy