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Science Education Resources for Homeschoolers

Parents, learn with your children using materials that you might not have at home (LEGO Mindstorm Robots, COSI’s Adventure and Labs In Life exhibits and more) to better understand real and relevant science concepts. Participants socialize with other young scientists while exploring science careers, too!

Workshops include pre- and post-visit lessons for use at home to further your child's science inquiry. All COSI workshops align to Ohio Academic Content Standards.

COSI also offers professional experiences for homeschool students. Youth age 12 and up are invited to join the COSI Team as volunteers. Earn a letter of recommendation, develop relationships with science educators and business personnel, and much more.

To make reservations, please call 614.228.2674. Registration closes one week before workshop.

Please note that selected COSI program reservations are subject to a nominal processing fee. Proceeds from this fee help to support COSI, a not-for-profit organization. For selected programs, transaction fees may be waived for COSI Members as a benefit of membership.


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