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Educator Scavenger Hunt Archive

PDFs include both the scavenger hunt and educator guide for the given grade level.
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Educator Scavenger Hunt Files

Technology (Grades K-2)

Energy (Grades K-2)

Mathematics (Grades K-2)

Force & Motion (Grades K-2)

Technology (Grades 3-5)

Energy (Grades 3-5)

Mathematics (Grades 3-5)

Force & Motion (Grades 3-5)

Technology (Grades 6-8)

Energy (Grades 6-8)

Mathematics (Grades 6-8)

Force & Motion (Grades 6-8)

Technology (Grades 9-10)

Energy (Grades 9-12)

Mathematics (Grades 9-12)

Force & Motion (Grades 9-12)

Technology (Grades 11-12)