Sonorus!! Sci-Fi Movie Series at COSI Kicks Off With Harry Potter (Ticket Giveaway)

Photo of COSI's Sci-Fi Movie Series Banner

Ladies and Gentlemen! Grab your robes and wands and head over to COSI for the Sci-Fi Movie Series! TONIGHT we'll kick things off with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! One great price gets you the movie, parking, food/drink voucher, and games and trivia before the movie!

Oh, excuse me! Quietus!

There, that's better. Excuse me for using my voice as a megaphone. I'm just really excited about our Sci-Fi Movie Series here at COSI. But it's not all about Harry Potter. In fact, Saturday, we'll be playing Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Next weekend we'll be featuring funny movies such as SpaceBalls, The Princess Bride and Young Frankenstein. (Who wouldn't laugh at Rick Moranis in that giant helmet??) All summer we have many more movies!

We're also playing one of my personal favorites: The Goonies! JACLYN! YOU GOONIE!! (BTW – I take that as a compliment not an insult.) I remember seeing that movie when I was young and being so worried for that group of kids. To me, it was so real that every chance I got I looked behind picture frames in attacks to find treasure maps. Oh – and Back to the Future is playing on our last weekend! MARTY! I have to tell you about the future!! Haha!

Okay, enough walking down my movie nostalgia lane, we all know you're just here for a chance to win some free tickets and that is okay! All I need from you is your favorite Harry Potter spell (clearly unforgivable curses are not allowed) in the comments below. Don't forget to enter your email where it asks so I contact the winner. I'm the only one who sees it (besides the web guy) and I don't plan to use it for anything other than contacting the winner. I'll choose my winner at 2pm on Thursday, July 18, 2013!!  Winner will receive two tickets to any single movie in the Sci-Fi Movie Series at COSI.  

And if you come to see Harry Potter tonight or Lord of the Rings tomorrow, don't forget to pick up your loyalty card! See four Sci-Fi movies here, get the fifth free!

Good luck and SALVIO HEXIA!!

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