Simple Machines!

Photo from pre-school workshop.

Last week, preschool-age children experimented with simple machines and construction. They learned about the different types of simple machines, such as pulleys, levers, and ramps. After discussing what these machines are, children connected that they see these simple machines at home, outside, or at other times during the day. A slide is a ramp; a door stopper is a wedge; cars and bikes have wheels. Children had the chance to interact with simple machines and act as constructors. They used natural materials, recycled materials and other items to build a city. Additionally, they had the chance to use a catapult and experiment by launching balls with different levels of strength.

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Photo of Erica Gilbert.

Erica Gilbert

Erica Gilbert is the Manager of Early Childhood Outreach. Erica has been a team member at COSI since 2010. She travels out to early childhood centers in the community to facilitate hands-on programs for young children. Erica holds a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys traveling, painting, and being outside!

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