Recapping our Four Week Preschool Workshop Series: Science of Performing Arts

This fall our preschool workshop guests participated in a four week series titled the Science of Performing Arts. Using music, dance, and dramatic expression the child and adult participant combo investigated the states of matter and related that exploration to the performing arts. We explored big ideas such as:

  • I can learn about science through kinesthetic experiences using music, dance and drama. Science learning can be an active experience!
  • I can use the performing arts to make connections to learning about the phases of matter i.e. solids, liquids, and gases.
  • With modeling and support I can explore the properties of objects and materials.
  • I can use imagination and creativity to interact with objects and materials. I can engage in inventive social play.
We explored the solid phase of matter through ice explorations, ballroom dancing and drum music.

Sof A. Messy Science 122

PerKwed 007

Ballroom dance experts did a demonstration for our groups and discussed the importance of their frame and how they physically connect to their partner. We then learned the eight step count of the meringue.
We investigated the liquid phase of matter through open exploration of a musical water table, glass xylophones, and expert demonstrations from a violinist and ballet dance student.


Preschool WKS 075

Preschool WKS 093

We concluded our investigation into matter through the performing arts exploring the gas phase of matter. We exploded 1-2-3 pop rockets, revisited our favorite experiments, danced in bubbles, and used the air all around in our parachute activities.



Register now for this winter's four week series: Whether the Weather beginning at the end of January.

Whether the Weather Four-Part Class

Wednesday, January 29, February 12, 26 and March 12, 2014 (10 am–12 pm)
Saturday, February 1, 15 and March 1, 15, 2014 (10 am–12 pm)

Whether the weather is hot, or whether it's cold. We'll whether the weather together! Come explore and observe the world of weather, investigate the water cycle and take part in hands-on experiments such as creating a rain cloud. Based on the book Storm is Coming by Heather Tekavec.

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