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Lightsaber renderings.

As the Fourth of July approaches, COSI’s Technology and Innovation team is getting ready not just for fireworks, but lots of amazing maker programs!

Once again this year, COSI has been approved as an official affiliate for Maker Camp through Make magazine. Maker camp is a FREE summer camp from Google and Make for building, tinkering and exploring; online and here at COSI! Get all the information at, and then come to COSI’s Teen Tech Studio for help and advice on completing some of the awesome projects. 

COSI’s Design Based Learning partnership continues as well with guests designing, constructing, and launching their own paper rockets! Take off with the Tech & Innovation team every Wednesday afternoon as we experiment, design, and re-design to get the best performance possible from paper. It may sound intimidating, but don’t worry, it’s only rocket science!

Also this summer, look for Tech & Innovation team members sharing some of their favorite personal projects! Throughout the coming month, I’ll be sharing my build log for an amazing prop from one of my favorite movies: Star Wars! Using a 3D printer, some paint, and a little know-how, I’m recreating the iconic Kenobi lightsaber from Episode IV: A New Hope. As a little teaser, here are the 3D renders of the model I’ll be using. It was created and shared by user Valcrow on the Replica Prop Forum (, one of my favorite resources as a prop and costume fan and collector!

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Ryan is a Floor Faculty Specialist for Technology & Innovation. He's been teaching in various capacities at COSI since 2009, and bringing his fascination with tinkering to the Tech & Innovation Team since 2013. Outside of COSI, Ryan enjoys making and building all manner of things, and is an avid collector of toys, comic books, and movie memorabilia!

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