Last Day of Maker Corps (For Hannah)

Photo from last day of Maker Corps.

I can't believe it is already our last weekend of the Maker Corps program here at COSI! This weekend we are leaving all the project planning up to our guests! For instance today we did stitch! and all things sewing related were open! Nathaniel and I brought all of our fabric, thread, beads, buttons, batting, conductive thread, LEDs, batteries and much more down to our gadgets area. There guests could make anything they wanted, and I'll tell you what you guys get creative! There were flamingos, pillows, skirts, bows, vests, light up creatures, toys, just about anything that could be thought of was made! We also saw a lot of guests which was awesome! I love seeing how excited the kids get to come up with their projects, and how much they love when you recognize what they were making! Of course the LED lights and conductive thread were a big hit as well! The kids were eager to hear about how it worked and they got such a thrill when they were able to correctly set up their circuit and get their LED to light! Its always fun when the science comes to life in front of you! We are doing more open project days the rest of this weekend from 2-4 in our gadgets space, if you haven't come to one yet you should definitely check it out before we go, and if you have been to the Maker Corps come celebrate the last 2 days with us!!!

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