Joyland Preschool Gets Movin!

On Wednesday, April 30th COSI Team Members visited Joyland Preschool in Dublin to present our Let’s Get Moving Outreach.  Thirty preschool age children learned about movement through interaction with music, water, paint and by moving their bodies. Through setting themselves and objects in motion students experienced what happens when movement occurs during different activities. 

Below students learn about movement through using musical instruments. They raised their instruments high then low, demonstrated playing loud and soft while marching slowly in a circle.  

making music

To move through the obstacle course students demonstrated their hopping, stepping and balancing skills!

obstacle course

Below, the Students used their fine motor skills to assemble the pendulum music stand then using hooks students attached different kinds of kitchen tools such as utensils and measuring spoon, when these tools collided they created beautiful music! 

Pendulum music

What preschool student doesn’t love to experiment with water? This activity allowed students to see and hear water moving through different objects such as colanders and different size bowls and cups-SWISH and SPLASH!

Boys water

Through playing with ramps students explored different speeds at which balls rolled down the ramps depending on the incline of the ramp as well as how the ball rolled down ramps with different surfaces.


During our ending activity the whole class together rolled paint covered golf balls over a large sheet of paper in a baby pool. Students made a beautiful multi-colored design which they got to keep as a memento of their time spent with COSI team members.

baby pool

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