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Joe Wood

I joined the COSI team in 2012. I make programs for adults to act like kids. My interests include electric pickles, thermite reactions, and hydrogen gas explosions. Also, I like turtles.


Sneak Peek Into Adventure's New Zombie Puzzle

On October 2nd, COSI's Adventure: Journey to the Valley of the Unknown will become something wholly different as the zombie apocalypse descends on the COSI After Dark. Here is a sneak peek of the transformation of the Adventure that our guests know and love into a brand new experience.

Filming the new Adventure puzzle for COSI After Dark.

Exploring the Intersection of Nanotechnology and Food

For my last post, I sat down with Dr. Jed Johnson from Nanofiber Solutions to talk about how nanotechnology is advancing medicine. You can see the video here.  Today we will be talking with Dr. Farnaz Maleky from The Ohio State University Food Innovation Center about how nanotechnology is advancing the food supply. Nanotechnology is simply the science of the very small. 


Using Nanotechnology to Make Replacement Organs

Recently, we sat down with Jed Johnson from Nanofiber Solutions LLC to discuss his company’s contribution to the exciting world of nanotechnology and medicine. Based right here in Columbus, Jed’s company is using nanotechnology for a wide variety of applications including drug discovery, cancer research, and regenerative medicine. 

COSI Recipes: Greek Salad in a Jar

Guests that have seen the COSI team garden, which is viewable from the Level 2 hallway on the way to the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, know that the COSI team likes to eat our vegetables. As we move into the time of year when vegetables become more plentiful in the stores, farmers markets, and our own gardens, the question arises “what to do with all this produce?”. There are many good reasons to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and the USDA recommends filling half of your plate with them. Here at COSI, in addition to liking to eat our greens, we also like using items for new and interesting purposes. One way to use some of the screw-top jars you may have laying around the house and some of that surplus produce at the same time is to make jar salads.
Photo of greek salad in a jar.

Get Out and Run!

Spring is here and with it comes (mostly) nice weather and more and more people will begin a running program as the days get warmer. After a long winter it feels nice to be outside and a great way to enjoy the outdoors is by running.  Running is a fun activity that also happens to be free. While running around your neighborhood, you are more likely to see your neighbors and might even make a few new friends. If you have any canine companions, they might even like to go for a run with you. In keeping with the season, here are a few more of the reasons to get out and run, as well as some advice for beginning a running regimen.

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