Investigating Measuring and Building

On November 21,2013 Ms. Shauna Boatman's preschool classroom at Eakin Elementary took part in COSI's preschool outreach program, 3,2,1...Build It as part of the PNC Grow Up Great Grant.

Children explored tools, construction, and building. See below to learn more about their investigations!

Here, children are acting as construction workers. They are beginning to choose different tools to examine. Children are paying close attention to the different shapes and sizes of the tools and what they may be used for. What do these tools look and feel like? Can I use these tools to measure something else?


Two children wanted to explore pipes up close. What do the pipes feel like? Can I see through the pipes?



Here, a child is displaying his diagram. He drew a picture to represent what his friends accomplished. His friends were using trucks and domino blocks to transfer them from one location to the next. He articulated this on his white board.


One child also sorted shape pieces. She put them into different categories by color!


In the last photograph below, COSI Educator, Carla Mello, and the children are using blocks to build a tall tower. How tall can we build the tower? What shapes should we use in our tower?


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