Fun Weekend in Maker Programs

Photo of weekend Maker Programs.

This weekend Leanna and I did stitch projects! We made light up patches! Kids could make whatever they wanted that would light up and then attach to a bag, shirt or whatever they wanted. people really seemed to enjoy the creative aspect and learn a lot about circuit work in the process.  Our second day we sewed pillows! We were nervous that people wouldn't like it, but it ended up being a huge hit! Even though it was fairly simple people really got to focus on learning the basics of sewing and creating something really unique. Leanna and I had an awesome time designing the pillows too! There were kids who loved to sew, had never sewn, quilters, dads with no experience and even a girl scout troupe earning their sewing badge. It was such a wide variety of skill levels it made for a really fun day because while some people were just learning others were helping them and getting really creative! it was tons of fun!

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