Exploring the Intersection of Nanotechnology and Food

For my last post, I sat down with Dr. Jed Johnson from Nanofiber Solutions to talk about how nanotechnology is advancing medicine. You can see the video here.  Today we will be talking with Dr. Farnaz Maleky from The Ohio State University Food Innovation Center about how nanotechnology is advancing the food supply. Nanotechnology is simply the science of the very small. Something that is on the nanoscale would be several hundreds to a thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair. Objects at this scale might have different properties than their larger counterparts. COSI guests can learn more about nanotechnology at our Nano exhibit, located on Level 1 near the Membership desk in the area leading to our Teen Tech Studio.

After speaking with Dr. Maleky I was impressed with the potential that nanotechnology has to improve our food supply. Advances that she mentioned include foods with lower fat or salt that retain the same taste and mouth feel, smart packaging that can detect spoilage, and methods to improve absorption of nutrients from food. Those who would like to learn more about these exciting technologies should attend our event, Exploring the Intersection of Nanotechnology and Food at COSI on August 22nd at 7:00. Tickets can be purchased in advance here.


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