Exploring Building and Construction

On November 26th, Ms. Erin Decamella’s preschool classroom at East Columbus Elementary acted as construction workers during the preschool outreach program, 3,2,1…Build It. Children put on construction vests, picked out tools to use, measured, and worked together and side-by-side during this class. Take a look.

Here, two boys are using the measuring tape. They were very interested in measuring the lengths of the gymnasium.


In the next photograph, you can see more of Ms. Decamella’s construction workers using tools and measuring. Children found measuring tape to be very interesting. You can stretch out the tape and place it against other things to figure out the length. They also wanted to record observations, ideas, and predictions.


These two children are trying to balance a tippy table by placing blocks around the edges.


In the next two images, children are building with different shaped blocks. They are examining pictures of other buildings to help guide their design.  Placing the blocks very carefully on top of each other, these children were able to build tall structures!



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