Exploring Building and Construction

Today at East Linden Elementary school, Ms. Peck's preschool classroom explored building and construction during COSI's 3,2,1...Build It program. PNC Grow up Great partnership is a Presenting Sponsor of this program.

Children were very excited to measure objects, use tools, and investigate materials. Let's take a look at some of the children's experiences with measuring.

On the mat below are different objects to measure, several measuring tools, white boards, and blue mats to use for measuring.


Children were encouraged to measure with both the standard and the non-standard items. Teachers and COSI educators encouraged children to write their thoughts and ideas on the white boards. For example, a child could measure a tool and record the length on the white board.

Take a look at the picture below. Children are beginning to draw pictures of what they see. They are using their markers to help articulate their ideas as they add detail to their work.


In this next image, the child in the middle is using his measuring tape and laying it across the blue mat to measure. He is unrolling his measuring tape and placing it carefully along the mat to line it up in the right spot.


Here's another picture yet where a child is exploring measuring tape. Children really loved using measuring tape as a tool to help them discover more about building and construction. While using the measuring tape, children practiced autonomic recognition of numbers as well. It was interesting to see how long or tall and object was and then to see which number described that length on the measuring tape.


With measuring tape, children also enjoyed measuring each other and seeing how tall they were. Here, the two girls measured each other by pulling the tape up high to their heads.


Measuring, building, and construction sure are fun! Thanks East Linden Preschool for having COSI today!

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