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On Sunday, during COSI's Family Workshop: The Body, children learned about bones in their body and how they could use their body to discover science through hands-on activities. Family Workshops are for children ages 0-6 and their accompanying adults. Activities are developmentally appropriate and align with Ohio's Early Learning Content Standards.

Children had the opportunity to discover about bones and x-rays. They closely examined X-rays on a light table which helped them to better see the images as light shined through them. One child found it helpful to place the x-ray on a whiteboard and to look at it from a further point. It helped her to really see the different parts of the x-ray—the ribs specifically for this one.


Children also experimented with their fingers to make fingerprints. Children used stamp pads to press their fingers into ink and then were able to press their fingers onto other materials to create the prints. They had a variety of materials to choose from including paper, wood, contact paper, leaves, and bubble wrap. Here, a child is carefully pressing his finger into the bubble wrap to see what that material feels like and what his print will look like on bubble wrap. He also had a magnifying lens available to allow him to closely examine his prints.


Additionally, there was an exercise station where children and adults could listen to their resting heart rate, exercise, and then listen to their heart rate again. Below you will see two images. The first image shows a child exercising and getting his heart rate up by stepping on and off of a tree stump. He is using a stopwatch to keep time. The second image shows a child listening to her own heart rate after exercising.



Children also explored shaving cream on mirrors. They looked at their reflection and noticed how it changed after shaving cream was added to the mirrors. It was so much fun to dive into the shaving cream and push it around on the mirrors!!!


Children and families really enjoyed these activities. To learn more about our early childhood workshops visit:

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